Native Wisdom in Maui

While visiting Haleakala National Park (the major volcano peak on Maui) over the past few days, we were pleased to receive copies of an interpretive piece “created by native Hawaiians…to ensure that through generational knowledge, natural and cultural resources are cared for with appropriate respect and behavior by all who enter Haleakala National Park.”

Here is some of the text: ” Unlike western land and ocean use practices, the ‘Aha Moku system is based on observational knowledge that provides a management system of proper stewardship of both land and ocean resources…(It) is the foundation which provides kanaka maoli (native Hawaiians) a lifetime reference for self-sustainability… The National Park Service – Haleakala National Park partners with kanaka maoli for guidance and support in efforts to educate residents and visitors alike regarding a sense of place.”

Love of and care for place is integral to the genius of every place we have visited.

Here we are at the peak of Haleakala. Mid 50s at over 10,000 ft. 89 at the beach.

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