La ‘akea

We visited La’Akea, a small, egalitarian, intentional, permaculture community in the Puna region of the Big Island. There are a few families who reside here, with ownership and expenses shared along with all of the matters involved in managing a small community that is entirely off the grid and largely self-sustaining.

The community has developed in the last ten years on land that was intentionally designed as a permaculture demonstration site by previous owners. Those owners gained their wealth from lumber harvested in the Black Forest. It’s an interesting example of action motivated by a desire for redemption.

Here are a few pictures.

The initial permaculture master plan for the property

The community kitchen/dining space–what a blessing to be able to use this year round!

The electrical storage/distribution hut for solar-generated electricity. The batteries are enclosed in the chest beneath the basket

3-head outdoor shower base

The shower is on the middle. Towels hanging in the shelter. Note the solar water heaters to the left.

Solar food dehydrater

Composting toilet

A tree loaded with sweet fruit not unlike grapes. A type of kava I think. The branches were lined with the ripe fruit. Very cool.


Guinea pigs (cuy)




Native material construction

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